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Heineken, the official partner of UEFA EURO 2020™ kicks-off the “Enjoy the Rivalry” campaign offering an enhanced experience when watching UEFA EURO 2020™


Heineken, the official partner of UEFA EURO 2020™ kicks-off the “Enjoy the Rivalry” campaign offering an enhanced experience when watching UEFA EURO 2020™

  • Heineken is elevating the fun of EURO 2020 using insights from Thai fans with the launch of their global ‘Enjoy the Rivalry’ campaign showcasing their UEFA EURO 2020™ partnership under the concept of ‘There’s Fun in the Rivalry.’
  • A limited-edition range of packaging has launched featuring flags from the 24 qualifying nations, together with advertising space allowing dedicated football fans to cheer on their teams throughout the month, and an Enjoy the Rivalry Nights Online activity hosted for football fans tuning in to the matches.
  • Heineken is an official partner of UEFA EURO 2020™ and has been a partner of leading football tournaments in Europe for over 25 years.
Bangkok – 9 June 2021 – Heineken, an official partner of UEFA EURO 2020™ kicked-off the “Enjoy the Rivalry” campaign for the EURO 2020 season under the concept, “There’s Fun in the Rivalry,” and will give a boost to fans tuning in with fun activities so they can join in the excitement and cheer on their favorite teams together with their rivals during the one-month competition.

The fun begins with converted advertising space and billboards that will post supportive messages from fans during the tournament. Thais can also collect limited-edition Heineken UEFA EURO 2020™ packaging that features the flags of all 24 qualifying national teams, while the Enjoy the Rivalry Online activity will provide running commentary in Thai for fans who tune into matches.

Enjoy the Rivalry is Heineken’s global campaign created solely for UEFA EURO 2020™. Heineken is the exclusive drink of the competition and will make watching EURO 2020 matches from the stadium, the bar or at home more enjoyable. The fun and excitement can be further enhanced when watching the match with the fans of rival teams. It is important to celebrate the fans in Europe who are coming back together once again with Heineken.

This is also the continuation of a partnership spanning over 25 years between Heineken and Europe’s premier football competition, and which is rewarding fans around the world with a superior viewing experience. Heineken recently renewed a contract to sponsor major football tournaments in Europe for another three years until 2024.

Mr. Teerapat Pongmaytee, Marketing Manager, Heineken, TAP Group said, “The Enjoy the Rivalry campaign organized by Heineken for EURO 2020 fans in Thailand was created based on consumer insights which show that the fun doesn’t just come from cheering on one’s own team, but in being with friends who are fans of different teams. Heineken used these insights to create activities under the ‘There’s Fun in the Rivalry’ concept to take EURO 2020 to the next level.”
European and Thai football fans are actually closely linked. If you ask a Thai football fan to name their favorite team outside of the Thai national team, the answer will invariably be a team in the UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, or the Netherlands. EURO 2020 is therefore a perfect opportunity for Heineken to create a premium experience for their core target consumer and women fans whose lifestyles are focused on social responsibility.

From 11 June to 11 July 2021, EURO 2020 fans can enjoy competing in Heineken’s activities. The kick-off will be the launch of brand new, limited-edition bottles and cans for EURO 2020 football fans. The iconic Heineken red star will be transformed into the national flags of the 24 participating countries, showing the name of the country and EURO 2020 symbol allowing fans to choose whether to get the entire collection or just the bottle of their favorite team.

Heineken has also provided a cool way for football fans to cheer on their favorite teams right from the first match. Fans can send their messages digitally in support of their teams or poking fun at rivals, which Heineken will then select to appear on more than 80 large advertising spaces and billboards across the country. Rival fans can join in the fun before matches get underway late at night.

For the quarter-final matches, Heineken is offering the Enjoy the Rivalry Nights Online, a way for fans to encourage their teams while watching online with play by play, pre-game, half time analysis and post-game highlights all in Thai.

Heineken has chosen the talented Matthew Dean as the program’s host, as well as Bo Bu, Tang Kui and Jackie who will provide commentary along with celebrity guests Nicky-Nachat, Jack-Fanchan, Leesaw-Teeratep, and Taeng-Saksit. They will all be cheering and analyzing the plays beginning with the quarter final matches through to the finals.

“With all of these activities, we are confident that everyone will enjoy the fun rivalries during the month of EURO 2020, and that the Heineken brand will fit into fan moments as they root for their teams watching EURO 2020,” concluded Mr. Teerapat.