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DASTA joins forces with 6 tourism organizations to decode the success of Phuket Sandbox Extending to a digital platform receive change in tourist behavior


DASTA joins hands with its network of 6 organizations “Take off Covid- 19 prevention lessons from Phuket Sandbox, bringing success to further developments in special areas and secondary cities Create a master management model under critical conditions. Create a selling point to respond to the changing lifestyle of tourists. Step into the digital age With the Tourism Digital Sandbox application, a tool for managing safety standards in tourist attractions, confidence mechanisms for tourist services and the public.

Air Chief Marshal Atikhun Kongmee, Director of the Special Area Development Administration for Sustainable Tourism (Public Organization) or DASTA revealed that it has collaborated with partners on sustainable tourism development and 6 experts from 6 organizations, consisting of the Digital Economy Promotion Agency in the Southern Region. Tourism Council of Thailand Mae Fah Luang University Sustainability Assessment Expert on Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria ( GSTC), Thai Tourism Marketing Association Institute of Public Policy Studies Foundation Open a seminar to drive Thailand’s tourism and service sector on the subject “Take off Covid- 19 prevention lessons from Phuket Sandbox to special areas and secondary cities” for the 1st time via Facebook Live by DASTA Academy to exchange experiences. and comments and create a participatory mechanism that will lead to tourism management plans to support tourism services in a new way Welcome the tourism season at the end of 2021 through the integration of all departments. By removing the case study of Phuket Sandbox will be implemented in both the dimensions of success in safety management. and parts that need further development For effective services that will lead to applications in the context of special areas for sustainable tourism in other provinces across the country.

“This brainstorming session This is a lesson learned from a case study of the Phuket Sandbox area by applying knowledge in the management of risks that may arise from tourists. and people at the level of tourist attractions ( Destinations ) who have been affected by the Covid-19 epidemic until successful and is an integrated management model under the mechanisms of the government sector. to bring digital technology to develop a Tourism Digital Sandbox application in their own area in line with epidemic control measures that meet the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria ( GSTC ) for the effectiveness of strengthened tourism attraction management. and can be developed as a marketing tool for relevant agencies such as the Tourism Authority of Thailand tourism association entrepreneurs in the area, etc. to create awareness and restore confidence in tourism that meets safety standards,” said the director of DASTA.

***Recommend to use digital to penetrate trends in tourist behavior after the end of Covid ****

Prof. Dr. Mingsan Khaosa-at, chairman of the Institute of Public Policy Studies Foundation, said that preparing to accommodate tourists after the end of the Covid- 19 epidemic situation , academics have been able to Analysis of the survival of the Thai tourism industry in the post-Covid era how to adjust to the situation by joining with Chulalongkorn University Conducted an assessment of the behavior of tourists after COVID-19, which found that Thailand had to prepare a new Thai tourism management plan. in order to bring Thailand back to being one of the top 5 tourism cities in the world as before

research results It was found that the government and related agencies need to prepare plans to deal with the risk of the spread of the COVID- 19 virus in order to make tourism activities go smoothly. under a new way of tourism by entrepreneurs, communities, tourist attractions Also known as the supply site group. Must be developed to improve the service level. By focusing on the driving elements with the principle of Tourism Economy, digital technology is used ( Digital Economy ) for convenience. safe and sanitary Participation in the development ( Sharing Economy ), environmental impact ( Green Economy ) , development of digital payments ( Cashless Economy ) , online financial transactions ( Touchless Economy ) and building trust in Economic system ( Trust Economy )

on the tourist and traveler side Or the demand site group found that the tourist market to watch after this When COVID-19 is over, tourists will pay attention. More health, happiness and sustainability tourism by the group of tourists who will come to travel to the top Most of them focus on safety. because of the retirement age group family group new generation group So there must be utilities. efficient internet system and must be expanded to cover more tourist areas in secondary cities considered a response to tourists from now on

*** Phuket Sandbox pulls more than 1,000 million baht into the system ***

Mr. Chamnan Srisawad, chairman of the Tourism Council of Thailand (FAT), said that the advantage of driving the Phuket Sandbox policy is to see the integration of cooperation from many sectors, both government and private sectors, until it was successful and coordinated work. together perfectly fast on time This advantage can therefore be used as a model for expanding to other target areas of the government in accordance with the potential of each area that is ready to accept more tourists.

“The opening of Phuket Sandbox in the past 1 month is from July 1 , 2021, resulting in the interest of tourists. both at home and abroad With the number of foreign tourists coming in to 12,3 68 people, resulting in more than 1 billion baht in circulation in the economy of Phuket. “

The chairman of PTSD further said that Must admit that Thai tourism nowadays has to compete with more international countries, such as the Maldives and Bali, Indonesia. marketed in the form to create a tourism market to come back again Therefore, the opening of Phuket Town this time, all sectors have worked together to solve problems and lead to the development of strengths from the risk mitigation plan. by laying down rules intensively and in accordance with safety standards

However, this Phuket Sandbox model is very interesting to be taken as a model for expanding to other target areas. which are important tourist attractions that have potential to open for operations such as Koh Samui and Koh Tao, Surat Thani Province The case study of Phuket Sandbox will be applied in such area. both in terms of safety, welfare, management under critical conditions and emergencies, especially the management of dealing with the spread of COVID-19 both from tourists to prevent infection in the area There is a central agency to integrate a complete tourism service system to build confidence for tourists. and people in the next area

However, under the circumstances that have occurred in Thailand and around the world since 2020, the tourism industry has slowed down. Therefore, measures to control the spread of COVID-19 both in terms of distance Wearing a hygienic mask continuously Including those involved in the tourism industry must be involved in the operation strictly. so that tourism activities can resume again